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David Tsutada was born 3/6/1906, 2nd son of Kenri Tsutada, a Japanese, Methodist dentist in Singapore. After finishing high school in Japan David studied law at Cambridge U. but believing he was to preach ended his studies in England, to attend a Bible College in Japan.  Before graduation the Bible college president selected a wife for him.  He & his Christian wife, Nobuko, were blessed with 5 children.

When Japan entered WWII there was a rise of nationalism.  David believed it would be wrong for him to erect a Japanese flag in front of his church & bow (relative to the Emperor & his palace), stating “only God in heaven is divine. We worship Him alone.”  David (with some 130 others) on 6/26/1942, was arrested for not observing this government regulation & imprisoned for a 2 yrs. 

After the war & his release (on probation) he build a church in Tokyo, named “Immanuel” because “You, O God, are with us, just as you were in the cell with me.”  His ministry reached out to the poor, on 21/10/1945 his church became an indigenous Holiness Denomination (Immanuel General Mission), reaching university students & farmers.  He became known as “John Wesley of Japan.”  He died 7/25/1971.

[ Personal note: I was in Wesley Biblical Seminary with a grandson, also named David Tsutada.] 


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