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Is six, six, six in the Book?

You’d better take a deeper look.

Six hundred,three scoreand six? Yes.

These are the same?  Too many guess.

Deception can use one small nook.

                – eab,9/29/08

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The King came – in sheep-manger hay.

But Jews entirely missed His day.

Unlettered shepherds in the night,

And star-wise guys from far away,

Both became acutely aware,

A Most Unusual King was there.


Why did religionists who look,

Who “knew” the contents of the Book,

Miss earth’s Première Day of all might,

Had they some Scripture oft mistook?

Bold interpretation’s appeal,

May have misguided their slow zeal.


Evangelicals all proclaim,

(Of various stripe, odd church name)

“Christ comes again” a second “flight,”

Verses they point out are the same,

But how they “see” a verse or word,

Brings union here – there, sows discord.


Imagine being satan’s man,

Your hope – deceive all that you can.

You had planned the Bible to fight

But God hid It with His strong hand.

Dilute It then – a devilish thing;

Misinterpret It – the worst sting.


Let an imp on radio stress,

Plant your man in pulpit and press,

Let satan’s fool speak with his fright loud and long

(Lies often told, too oft impress.)

Mark thirteen has the words “deceive.”

Deception’s possible.  Believe!


“The right” was wrong, caught in their net,

Their minds were made up, they were set.

Re-seek Revelation’s pure light

(It promises a blessing yet.)

So-n-So’s chart and the Great Book

May not fit – take another look.


“I’m the antichrist” he won’t say,

(Thought from the late, great Herron’s day.)  

The antichrist scheme is in sight,

It’s been showing its false “light-ray”

“It’s all future” – you should question!

Read Word – not “novel” suggestion.


Christ IS coming again, that’s sure.

His Kingdom will ever endure.

Trust only His Word – It IS right 

The Bible’s prophetically pure!

Deception near lies, in disguise.

God, make us wise, un-blind our eyes.

                – eab, 12/3/09

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