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You may hate the devil without loving God;


          But you can’t love God without hating the devil! 


                                                                                                – eab, 5/1978


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The devil lies – he calls that “rosy” – which is lep rosy.

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“…I have been among Episcopalians, Congregationalists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists and members of many other denominations, and I have found that no amount of baptismal water can keep the devil out of the hearts and lives of Christians.”


                – Jonathan Goforth, By My Spirit, (Minneapolis: Bethany Fellowship, Inc), 119.


Goforth (went to China), probably the greatest Canadian missionary, died this date 10/8/1936.

(underline mine) [Goforth is not saying devil has to stay but water will not keep him out.]

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One Letter


Don’t think it odd,


That “good” and “God,”


Are but a letter apart.


Nor think it trivial,


That “evil” and “devil,”


Are alike, but for the start. -eab,  9/20/08

Written at Westfield, Indiana

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