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D   Duo of lovers, named Phillip and Heather,

I     In school decided to spend life together.

C   Causal love, then serious, then a wedding;

K   Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, made their hearts sing.

I   In baby carriage, Elijah’s “just the thing.”     

N   Now they serve Jesus in America, South,

S   Serve Him with their feet, their hands, not just their mouth.

O   On this day, June six, they celebrate their love.

N   Nod on them, Father, from Your great throne above.

– eab, 6/6/09  >> note date <<

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Fearfully, wonderfully made is true,

For the lad a-fork a burro’s back,

Who slept last night on a coffee sack,

In some poor, distant, Andes ranch shack.


It’s true for the bluest blood of you,

Aboard a yacht, who passively dine

On caviar, lobster, and old wine,

Always thinking of “me,” “my,” and “mine.”


Social animals of highest crust,

And dregs of men smeared with labor’s dust,

Are all alike, all made in fearful ways,

Which ought (everyday) us to amaze. -eab, 4/9/08


Written after visiting the Dickinons in Bogata, Colombia

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