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Search me, O God,

And know my heart today;
Try me, O Savior,
Know my thoughts, I pray.
See if there be
Some wicked way in me;
Cleanse me from every sin
And set me free.


I praise Thee, Lord,
For cleansing me from sin;
Fulfill Thy Word,
And make me pure within.
Fill me with fire
Where once I burned with shame;
Grant my desire
To magnify Thy Name.


Lord, take my life,
And make it wholly Thine;
Fill my poor heart
With Thy great love divine.
Take all my will,
My passion, self and pride;
I now surrender, Lord
In me abide.


O Holy Ghost,
Revival comes from Thee;
Send a revival,
Start the work in me.
Thy Word declares
Thou wilt supply our need;
For blessings now,
O Lord, I humbly plead.


James Edwin Orr died this date 4/22/1987.  He was born 1/12/1912 at Belfast, Ireland. Orr was an or­dained Amer­i­can Bap­tist min­is­ter by 1940.  Though Orr accumulated an M.A., a Th. D., a Ph.D. and an Ed.D. he will probably be more remembered for one or more of the six hymns he penned, one of which is above.  Never heard him but a dear older friend, Paul W. Finch, years ago preached to an audience in which Orr was seated.

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Savior! I follow on, guided by Thee,
Seeing not yet the hand that leadeth me;
Hushed be my heart and still, fear I no further ill;
Only to meet Thy will my will shall be.

Riven the rock for me thirst to relieve,
Manna from Heaven falls fresh every eve;
Never a want severe causeth my eye a tear,
But Thou dost whisper near, “Only believe!”

Often to Marah’s brink have I been brought;
Shrinking the cup to drink, help I have sought;
And with the prayer’s ascent, Jesus the branch hath rent—
Quickly relief hath sent, sweetening the draught.

Savior! I long to walk closer with Thee;
Led by Thy guiding hand ever to be;
Constantly near Thy side, quickened and purified,
Living for Him Who died freely for me!

Charles Seymour Robinson died this date, 2/1/1899, NYC.  Educated at Williams College(Williamstown, MA), Union Theological Seminary (NYC), and Princeton (NJ) Theological Seminary, becoming a Presbyterian pastor.  His hymns include “Savior, I Follow On.” Robinson was born 1829, at Bennington, VT.

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Alleluia! sing to Jesus! His the scepter, His the throne.
Alleluia! His the triumph, His the victory alone.
Hark! the songs of peaceful Zion thunder like a mighty flood.
Jesus out of every nation has redeemed us by His blood.

2. Alleluia! not as orphans are we left in sorrow now;
Alleluia! He is near us, faith believes, nor questions how;
Though the cloud from sight received Him when the forty days were o’er
Shall our hearts forget His promise, “I am with you evermore”?

3. Alleluia! bread of angels, Thou on earth our food, our stay;
Alleluia! here the sinful flee to Thee from day to day:
Intercessor, Friend of sinners, Earth’s Redeemer, plead for me,
Where the songs of all the sinless sweep across the crystal sea.

4. Alleluia! King eternal, Thee the Lord of lords we own;
Alleluia! born of Mary, Earth Thy footstool, Heav’n Thy throne:
Thou within the veil hast entered, robed in flesh our great High Priest;
Thou on earth both priest and victim in the Eucharistic feast.



Rowland Huw Prichard died this date,1/25/1887, at Holywell,North Wales,British Isles. (He was born, 1/14/1811, also in North Wales, Graienyn, near Bala.)   At the age of twenty he composed the tune HYFRYDOL.  Many Christians know it as the tune for “Jesus! What a Friend of Sinners!.”

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1. Behold the hands stretched out for aid,
Darkened by sin and sore dismayed;
Oh, will you to their rescue go,
Lost wanderers down to endless woe?


We’ll girdle the globe with salvation,
With holiness unto the Lord;
And light shall illumine each nation,
The light from the lamp of His Word.

2. In heathen lands they watch and wait,
And sigh for help which comes so late,
And grope in sin and nature’s night,
Forever vainly seeking light.

3. Oh, flash the tidings! Shout the sound,
In darkest lands the world around,
Till all the earth from pole to pole,
Shall full salvation echoes roll.

4. The watch fires kindle far and near,
In ev’ry land let them appear,
Till burning lines of Gospel fire,
Shall gird the world and mount up higher.


Vivian Adelbert Dake died this date, 1/5/1892 on a ship (doing a miss­ion­a­ry trip) near Sier­ra Le­one, Africa, and was buried at sea.  Dake was the found­er of the Pent­a­cost Bands (not a tongues group) that evan­gel­ized Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Ohio.  He had been born 2/9/1854, Or­e­gon, Ogle County, Illinois.  Dake penned “We’ll Girdle the Globe,” in 1891.  

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No nation is better than its God.

Samuel Chadwick, The Call to Christian Perfection (KC: Beacon Hill Press, 1943), 15.        


Christian teachers must translate their theology into the speech of the century.

Samuel Chadwick, The Call to Christian Perfection (KC: Beacon Hill Press, 1943), 25.        


The only authorized test of love is obedience.

Samuel Chadwick, The Call to Christian Perfection (KC: Beacon Hill Press, 1943), 41.        

Progress involves correction…

Samuel Chadwick, The Call to Christian Perfection (KC: Beacon Hill Press, 1943), 45.        


In the spiritual realm every man chooses his own Father.

Samuel Chadwick, The Call to Christian Perfection (KC: Beacon Hill Press, 1943), 54.        


Jesus Christ came to save sinners from sin, and He does what He came to do.              

Samuel Chadwick, The Call to Christian Perfection (KC: Beacon Hill Press, 1943), 56. 

A mistake is a wrong act, in which the right was intended….Intention, not achievement is the divine test.

Samuel Chadwick, The Call to Christian Perfection (KC: Beacon Hill Press, 1943), 58.        


Sin remains in the regenerate.  It does not reign, but it remains.

Samuel Chadwick, The Call to Christian Perfection (KC: Beacon Hill Press, 1943), 79.        



Samuel Chadwick died this date, 10/16/1932, wrote Humanity and God, The Way to Pentecost.  He was born 9/16/1860.

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When as many takes their vacation
O’er th mounting, lake or the sea
Where they rest from th care an’ their worry
What a wonderful time that must be
But it seems like my lot, to be like them
I must toil thru th heat an’ th cold
Seeking out th lost sheep in the mount’n
Bringing wanders back to th fold

When I take my vacation in Heaven
What a wonderful time that will be
Hear th concert of the Heavenly chorus
An’ th face of my Saviour I’ll see
Sitting down on th bank of th river
Neath th shade of th evergreen tree
When I take my vacation in Heaven
Won’t you spend your vacation with me

2. Some day I will take my vacation
To th city, John tells about
Where th foudation walls, all so precious
From th gladness of heart, I shall shout
No sight ever witnessed by mortal
Can compare with it’s glory up there
Gon’na spend my vacation with Jesus
In th place he’s gone on to prepare

3. So many takes their vacation
An’ return to their home by an’ by
When I take my vacation in Heaven
To th glorious home in th sky
There I’ll live forever
No wish for elsewhere to be
When I take my vacation in Heaven
Won’t you spent your vacation with me

Herbert Buffum died this date, 10/9/1939 at Los Angeles, California.  Buffum felt a call to minister and was credentialed by the Church of the Nazarene.  He combined being a holiness evangelist with prolific song writing, ending with 10,000 songs to his credit – 1,000 published.  He was born 11/13/1879, in Lafayette, Illinois.


Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” claimed he once wrote twelve (12) songs in an hour.  His talent was natural – he had no musical training.  He is said to have sold most of his songs for five dollars (or less).  At his demise the Los Angeles Times called him “The King of Gospel Song Writers.”  


The following are some of his songs, “He Abides,”  “I’m Going Higher Some Day,” “I’m Going Through,” “Get a Smile from Jesus,” “In God’s Calendar of Days,” “In the City Where the Lamb Is the Light,” “Isn’t He Wonderful,” “Let’s Talk About Jesus,” “My Sheep Know My Voice,” “The Old-fashioned Meeting,” “When You’re One Step from God.”

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From every stormy wind that blows,
From every swelling tide of woes,
There is a calm, a sure retreat;
’Tis found beneath the mercy seat.

There is a place where Jesus sheds
The oil of gladness on our heads;
A place than all besides more sweet;
It is the blood bought mercy seat.

There is a scene where spirits blend,
Where friend holds fellowship with friend;
Though sundered far, by faith they meet
Around one common mercy seat.

There, there, on eagles’ wings we soar,
And time and sense seem all no more;
And heaven comes down, our souls to greet,
And glory crowns the mercy seat.

Oh, let my hand forget her skill,
My tongue be silent, cold, and still,
This bounding heart forget to beat,
If I forget the mercy seat!


Hugh Stowell died this date,10/8/1865 at Pendleton,Lancashire, England.  Stowell was educated at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford (BA 1822, MA 1826).  He was ordained an Anglican (1823), became rector at Christ Church, Salford (1831) was appointed Honorable Canon in Chester Cathedral (1845) and chaplain to the Bishop of Manchester (1851).  He was born 12/3/1799 at Douglas, Isle of Man.

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Christians, awake, salute the happy morn
Whereon the Savior of the world was born.
Rise to adore the mystery of love
Which hosts of angels chanted from above,
With them the joyful tidings first begun
Of God incarnate and the virgin’s Son.

Then to the watchful shepherds it was told,
Who heard th’angelic herald’s voice, “Behold,
I bring good tidings of a Savior’s birth
To you and all the nations of the earth;
This day hath God fulfilled His promised Word;
This day is born a Savior, Christ the Lord.”

He spoke; and straightaway the celestial choir
In hymns of joy, unknown before, conspire;
The praises of redeeming love they sang,
And Heav’n’s whole orb with alleluias rang.
God’s highest glory was their anthem still,
Peace on the earth and unto men good will.

To Bethl’hem straight th’enlightened shepherds ran
To see the wonder God had wrought for man
And found, with Joseph and the blessèd maid,
Her Son, the Savior, in a manger laid;
Then to their flocks, still praising God, return,
And their glad hearts with holy rapture burn.

Like Mary let us ponder in our mind
God’s wondrous love in saving lost mankind!
Trace we the Babe, who hath retrieved our loss,
From His poor manger to His bitter cross,
Tread in His steps, assisted by His grace,
Till man’s first heav’nly state again takes place.

Then may we hope, th’angelic hosts among,
To sing, redeemed, a glad triumphal song.
He that was born upon this joyful day
Around us all His glory shall display.
Saved by His love, incessantly we sing
Eternal praise to Heav’n’s almighty King.

John Byrom died this date, 9/26/1763, at Man­ches­ter, Eng­land where his father had been a linen draper.  Byrom attended King’s School (Chester) and then Cambridge (graduated M.A.) and became a Fellow of Trinity College.


He invented his own system of shorthand and was able to make a living teaching shorthand.  Byrom was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society and after his brother’s death inherited the family estates.  This pulled him back to Manchester where he had been born 2/29/1691 (at Old Sham­bles).  He is said to have frequently visited Cheetham’s Hospital (Manchester) and, further to have written many hymns for the chaps there.  His hymns include the above, “Christians, Awake, Salute the Happy Morn” and “My Spirit Longs for Thee.”

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“The people crowded to this meeting from far and near. They came in their large wagons, with victuals mostly prepared. The women slept in the wagons, and the men under them. Many stayed on the ground night and day for a number of nights and days together. Others were provided for among the neighbors around. The power of God was wonderfully displayed; scores of sinners fell under the preaching, like men slain in mighty battle; Christians shouted aloud for joy.


“To this meeting I repaired, a guilty, wretched sinner. On the Saturday evening of said meeting, I went, with weeping multitudes, and bowed before the stand, and earnestly prayed for mercy. In the midst of a solemn struggle of soul, an impression was made on my mind, as though a voice said to me, “Thy sins are all forgiven thee.” Divine light flashed all round me, unspeakable joy sprung up in my soul. I rose to my feet, opened my eyes, and it really seemed as if I was in heaven; the trees, the leaves on them, and everything seemed, and I really thought were, praising God. My mother raised the shout, my Christian friends crowded around me and joined me in praising God; and though I have been since then, in many instances, unfaithful, yet I have never, for one moment, doubted that the Lord did, then and there, forgive my sins and give me religion.”

                                                                        – Cartwright’s account of his conversion


Peter Cartwright died this date,9/25/1872, in Illinois.   He was born 9/1/1785, in Amherst County,Virginia.  He came under Holy Ghost conviction at 16, and after several weeks (months?) of seeking was converted to Christ.  He was an ordained a Methodist minister, in Kentucky(1806) and married Frances Gaines (1808).


Cartwright was twice a member of the Illinois legislature.  He ran against A. Lincoln for seat in US Congress and was defeated (1846).  There was only one Peter Cartwright, frontier rough, limited in “book learning,” but willing to do what he felt God directed.  He spent over 50 years spreading the Gospel and reflects the same in his Fifty Years a Presiding Elder (1871).  He also produced Controversy with the Devil (1853) and his colorful Autobiography of Peter Cartwright (1856).

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O Thou, the contrite sinner’s Friend,
Who loving, lov’st them to the end,
On this alone my hopes depend,
That Thou wilt plead for me.

When weary in the Christian race,
Far off appears my resting place,
And, fainting, I mistrust Thy grace,
Then, Savior, plead for me.

When I have erred and gone astray,
Afar from Thine and wisdom’s way,
And see no glimmering, guiding ray,
Still, Savior, plead for me.

When Satan, by my sins made bold,
Strives from Thy cross to loose my hold,
Then with Thy pitying arms infold,
And plead, O plead for me.

And when my dying hour draws near,
Darkened with anguish, guilt, and fear,
Then to my fainting sight appear,
Pleading in Heav’n for me.

When the full light of heavenly day
Reveals my sins in dread array,
Say Thou hast washed them all away;
O say, Thou plead’st for me!

Charlotte Elliott died this date, 9/22/1871, at Bright­on, East Suss­ex, Eng­land.  She is best known for her hymn “Just As I Am” (1836).


Born 3/18/1789at Clap­ham, Sur­rey, Eng­land, Charlottebecame an invalid somewhere between 30 and 33 years of age. What a waste?  Ah, man sees not as God sees.  She produced the above (O Thou, the Contrite Sinner’s Friend is one of her lesser known hymns) and some 150 others in those years of pain.


In addition to her hymns she is known to have had a “spiritual” correspondence with Henri A. C. Malan for around 40 years.

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