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If you have an eye for the tiny,

Substitutes abound.

If you’ll settle for less-than-the-best,

Second-rates are around.

If “good enough” will do for you,

If stuffed animals make up your “zoo,”

If church – you can’t wait till it’s through,

Your vows you need to renew.

False is “real” – it has a-hold on you!

– eab, Apr  2009

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Need more money?  Print more money.

It has value – why would you ask?

If you believe in it – it’s a coupon

For a temporary task.


Need value, dig, refine gold;

Its value can’t be oversold.

Paper will burn – how much worth is ash?

Gold will not burn – value beyond a crash.


Man’s religion – ever so bright and crisp,

Will not survive the fire of hell’s night.

God’s salvation is forever,

Ditch the substitute – get the right.

          – eab, 9/9/09

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