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Divorce in married-life is roughly equal to suicide in physical-life.

They’re both self-inflicted, selfish (one partner for sure, maybe both) and sorrowful events. Sadly suicide is final, there is no repentance, and no resurrection. Gladly for divorce, it is not final, there can be repentance (both parties – if need be), and there can be a resurrection. “My marriage can’t be resurrected!” With an attitude, no, it may never be. If you were the biggest problem in the divorce (“You don’t expect me to admit that do you?”) it will take a big piece of “humble pie” to seek forgiveness. If you were not the biggest problem, it will take a huge heart to forgive. Either way, a marriage CAN be resurrected.

I am the product of my parent’s SECOND marriage.

– eab, 12/10/16

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