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Some reader has not been reading my stuff long,

has not been online the right day or has a short memory.  The dirty word DIVORCE has appeared at least 25 times in eab posts (starting ’08-’09). My intense opposition is based on the words of our Lord Jesus Christ and Paul.  I’ve opposed D&R since the 1950s but have seen it grow in acceptance.  A donation of ten grand would not persuade me to perform a ceremony if I know either has a living husband/wife (as to Christ’s exception, Mat 5.32 & 19.9, two and sometimes only two know if/when this is applicable). If my child is ready to die I’d rather follow his/her casket, as see them go through to terrors of divorce and I warn about D&R for the sake of my grandchildren and their generation.

– eab, 7/16/16

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