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A group of men confer a doctor’s degree upon a man; they’re happy, he’s happy. Given a few years he joins others as they confer a doctorate on the next “educational generation.” Again all are pleased – a new man has joined “their club.” We’re doctoring ourselves, happy with ourselves, and I fear somewhat deceiving ourselves. The Bible, source of true learning, never says “Get a degree, the higher the better.” It DOES say, “…tarry…until ye be endued with power from on high” Luk 24.49). Doctor’s degrees take many hours but require no deadness to carnality. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is done instantly (once conditions are met) but requires a death to self. Both doctor degrees and Holy Ghost fillings carry authority. Are we substituting “conferring” for the Comforter?

– eab, 2/24/17

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