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…Home earth’s only paradise…

     – William Jennings Bryan, In His Image (NY: Fleming Revell Co., 1922), 16.

 It is more important that you trust the Rock of Ages

            than that you know the age of the rocks.

      – William Jennings Bryan, In His Image (NY: Fleming Revell Co., 1922), 39.


No mental processes can stop the mad race for money.  Man must be born again. 

     – William Jennings Bryan, In His Image (NY: Fleming Revell Co., 1922), 43.


I challenge the doctrine now being taught that we must enter into a mad rivalry with the Old World in the building of battleships, the doctrine that the only way to preserve peace is to get ready for wars that ought never to come!  It is a barbarous brutual, un-Christian doctrine – the doctrine of darkness, not the doctrine of the dawn.

     – William Jennings Bryan, In His Image (NY: Fleming Revell Co., 1922), 192.


Love of money is probably more responsible for modern wars than any other one cause…the blood of many being shed to enrich a few.  

      – William Jennings Bryan, In His Image (NY: Fleming Revell Co., 1922), 233.

William Jennings Bryan on this date 7/8/1896 at the Democratic National Convention, gave his famous speech 1896, supporting “the little man” of America, “You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.” 

What a shame and pity that neither Democrats nor Republicans can find a man of like caliber today.  God be merciful to America.

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Wycliffe is disinhumed,
Yea, his dry bones to ashes are consumed,
And flung into the brook that travels near;
Forthwith that ancient Voice which streams can hear
Thus speaks (that Voice which walks upon the wind,
Though seldom heard by busy human kind):
As thou these ashes, little Brook! wilt bear
Into the
to the tide
to the narrow seas—
Into main ocean they,—this deed accurst,
An emblem yields to friends and enemies,
How the bold Teacher’s Doctrine sanctified
By truth, shall spread throughout the world dispersed.


William Wordsworth died this date (4/23/1850) at Westmoreland, England.  He became poet-laureate in 1843.  Also known for “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge.”

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John Nelson Darby was a British-Irish blooded, Dublin-trained, lawyer who turned Church of Ireland minister and then moved on (1828) to help establish the Plymouth Brethren.  He would perhaps be unknown today but for his meeting with eighteen-year-old Margaret MacDonald who is said to have had a vision regarding a “secret rapture” of the church.  Though this doctrine has other, older, questionable roots, Darby popularized it in the Isles and in America having a strong influence on C. I. Scofield.  Scofield in turn, placed the secret rapture idea in his Scofield Bible and today it has widely held acceptance among many evangelicals though the word rapture is non-biblical.  Many also have failed to atempt to reconcile their concept of “thief in the night” with the rest of Peter’s inspired words, “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up” 2Pe 3.10.  Three items are here which surely seem to not be secret.

Jesus is going to come! That is in the Bible.  The return of Christ is not in question! 

Too many are accepting the doctrine of a “secret rapture” without examining it.  Look up it origins (the “s” is purposeful) – it will surprise you.  The secret rapture appears to have catholic roots. It has also this visionary root in MacDonald. 

Conversely does a “secret rapture” have any roots in the actual Bible?  Do your homework.  Be willing to re-examine this doctrine.  Or for many – be willing to examine it for the first time.  Can (will) this doctrine play into the hands of the antichrist?

One source to see is Grace, Faith, and Holiness, (Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press, 1988), 586.

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