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Last evening my wife heard a noise

which I did not hear at first, then heard. It seemed to be in the bedroom but we could not locate it and seemed “electrical” but was weak and uncertain. After listening and looking we had a brief prayer and finally found it to be the last sounds of an unused, “dying,” cell phone. (Some time ago it was disconnected from a phone company.) When I saw it, it looked like a cell phone; when I picked it up, it felt like a cell phone but it was not functioning as a phony. This AM I saw, sadly, an illustration. Some churches look like a church and even have a bit of churchy feel. But these churches are no longer connected to God. There is no Holy power. I could pick up my phone and fool you perhaps by talking into it (more sadly yet, if I were at the “edge of reality,” I could fool myself) but it would be sham. All “play churches” are not run by children. There are adults running churches which have a form “of godliness but [are] denying the power thereof” (2Ti 3.5).

Paul admonishes “from such turn away.”

– eab, 5/15/16

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