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Never allow a corrupt person, party or government

to “define” crime for you.

– eab, 11/8/14

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The important thing




Not did you believe John

(Calvin OR Wesley)




But do you fully believe Jesus.

        – eab, 6/24/11

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Is heaven “Goal A”






just a goal?        

– eab, 7/7/11

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Everything $ will buy



– will someday go bye-bye.  

– eab, 6/26/11

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Maturity –


the ability to decide what is important



 AND to live by your decision.

– eab, 6/10/11

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Two saved mates



can SAVE a marriage!

– eab, 1/30/09

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When there’s an interpersonal WRECK 



There need’s to be a REConciliation.

-eab, 11/12/09

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