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Note about dates/approximate accuracy.

Since the ‘70’s I’ve carried a “pocket pal” “pocket planner” (or equivalent). Dad gave one of my earliest ones – Thank you, Dad (died ‘76) for the start. I do not know who shared the concept of writing down ideas as they come – but Thank You too. It’s natural to scribble (actually I print, mostly all caps) the idea on the date it comes. Years later I put these ideas (as decrepit as some readers think they are J) on computer files; named them “eabits” – bits connects to computer lingo and eab connects to me. As I look for an “eabit” for a day I may see one that could be expressed better another way, could use clarification, or otherwise be modified. If the main idea stays the same it will probably appear under that date, though edited. Other eabits are current.

– eab, 11/21/16

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Check    icerocket.com    for a list of my eabits.

“eabits” are little sayings the Lord has given me to provoke thought, humility, and even prayer.

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