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A Greek long, long dead,

Is said to have said,

          “Know thyself.”

The greatest JEW taught

To say what we ought,

          “No” to self.   – eab, 3/9/07

Written in Frontenac County, eastern Ontario, Canada

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The tares and wheat together grow,

At harvest time angels will know,

They’ll separate good from the bad,

The tares to be burned, Oh, how sad!

Are you wheat?  Do you for Christ glow?  -eab, 2/2/07

Penned in eastern Ontario, Canada, while pastoring the Kingston Pilgrim Holiness Church.

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Thank you Lord for the Night:

To slow down and sleep,

To the home-fires keep,

With Ewe and “little sheep.”


Thank you Lord for the Morn:

To throw-back, make the sheet,

For breakfast to eat,

For shoes for the feet.


Thank you Lord for the Noon:

For strength to work till then,

For work of hammer or pen,

For corn gathered in the bin.


Thank you Lord for the “Tardes”:

For warmth in winter’s sun,

For “game” from rod and gun,

For labor almost run.


Thank you Lord for the Even:

For the ceasing to roam,

For the walk toward home,

For the evening’s gloam.


And if there is a time I’ve forgotten,

Please don’t think me “rotten,”

‘Cause I love life and love all your days,

Broken up in hourly way – all Praise!  – eab,  1/19/06

Written in the city of Kingston, in eastern Ontario. 

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I cannot live tomorrow,

Nor should I even try.

I cannot live yesterday

It’s gone for aye, bye-bye.

I cannot live the morning,

If it’s already past the noon.

I cannot live the evening

(unless it comes “real soon”).

I must live this hour,

Enjoying it in the Lord,

Must live it in His power,

Through His presence and His Word.  

  – eab, 1/8/06


Penned a few miles north of Lake Ontario in eastern Ontario. 

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I was out for a peaceful swim,

When God told me to “pick up” him

Some bad prophet who was “all wet.”

(That odd taste I remember yet L).

Men, don’t run from God on a whim!  – eab, 12/6/06

Written while pastoring in eastern Ontario, Canada.

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Ole Achan saw, coveted, took;

Became a bad name in the good Book.

Coveting is against God’s law,

Though the sin was not that he saw.

Watch – Do not take that second look.  –eab, 11/20/05


Written in eastern Ontario (Frontenac County) while pastoring with the Pilgrims.

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