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Jim Elliot, on this date, 2/8/1950, is reported to have penned the following in his journal:


“Sin in a Christian makes God seem distant, deaf.

In the body, sin saps animation, as cancer.

In the soul, sin stifles the affections; as corrosion in the spirit,

sin solidifies the attitudes, as a callous.”


Jim Elliot (better known, in part for:  a. alphabetical arrangement,  b. his wife’s writing about him, and  c. this his journal) was one of the five American missionaries killed along the Curaray River, Ecuador, South America, 1/8/1956.  They were Jim Elliot, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate Saint, Roger Youderian.

(The a.b.c. above is not anti Elliot, rather is trying to balance out for the other men.)

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