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C W Ruth died 5/27/1941 at Wilmore, KY, where he had for years been a trustee of Asbury College.  He was born Christian Wismer Ruth, 9/1/1865, the only son of David & Susanna (Wismer) Ruth in Bucks, PA.   His sisters were Mary Hunsberger, Sallie Bishop, & Elizabeth Winsch. When Ruth was 17 he was born of the Spirit & a year later was Filled with the Holy Spirit.  He would go on to be a well-known exponent of the second definite work of grace called Sanctification.

At 19 he moved to Indiana.  There he met & married Emma Springer (9/15/1885) in Indianapolis. Their union was blessed by Emma Naomi Shellabear – who lived in Hartford, CT, Raymond (may have been called “George”) Ruth – who lived in Pasadena, CA, Roy Ruth (a minister) – who resided in Ontario, CA, Dr Elbert Ruth – of Cincinnati, & Margaret Grace Young – who lived in Richmond Hill, NY. The wife of his youth died February 1937. He married Laura Whitaker of Nevada, IA (date & location of the ceremony appear lost) but it’s known that Laura outlived Bro. Ruth.

Ruth was instrumental in the formation of the Nazarene Church – one of her most beloved evangelists. John Brasher (Methodist contemporary) said “few men have traveled more, worked more constantly & had more definite or larger results in their ministry…He was too large to be sectarian. He loved holiness more than he loved any denomination.”  Ruth also worked closely with the once powerful National Holiness Assoication. (Personal – I was a bass in God’s Bible School choir when we sang for the NHA in downtown Cincy c.’58).  

His books: Entire Sanctification Explained, and The Second Crisis in Christian Experience – Worth reading!

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