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Eph 5.25 +

Eph 5.25

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church,

& gave himself for it.”


If I were to ask some to name their favorite soloist/vocal group I wonder how many would be singers a holiness pastor invites to his church? And, if I were to ask some who their favorite preacher is, I wonder how many would name a man who preaches the doctrine of a 2nd definite work of grace? Are we being drawn away by CD & play-list singers who are Calvinists or tongues? Are we adoring radio/TV preachers who can “really preach’ but whose message seldom-if-ever addresses living above sin?  Hello?!? – 7/7/20


“Very few people are doing the best they can. More people are doing what they want to do

& as little as they can, rather than the best they can.”

– Roy S Nicholson


You can not love God too much. Hear it, CANNOT. Everything else on earth you can. You can love your wife too much. You can love your kids too much. You can love your job too much, your home, your country. (It’s OK to love/like the above but they have a “pecking order” – The Lord is Lord over all of them.) – 7/8/20


“…The church will succeed in proportion

that she corrects the spirit of the age.”

– G Campbell Morgan



The picture-less plain folk may have seemed odd

When we first heard of them, perhaps.

No younger “dad & mom” on the wall

Nor grandparents with you on their laps.


Those of us who once accepted photos had a few

Seemed to us it was kinda-sorta “OK”

Now we’re inundated with pictures (images).

We have to see what was for “supper” yesterday.


We see the dog/cat that just passed away.

And half-dressed grandkids in the summer park.

Some shots are good photography

Other are too light, too blurry, too dark.


“Well” ( humph ) “I don’t worship these pics.”

Good, I’m really glad you do not

But I notice that you keep hundreds

And know where they are – the very spot.


We’re so effected by photos, drawings, CGI’s

Images, cartoons & comic book women & men

Funny paper strips, doctored photos, films

We have addiction to them. A modern sin?

– eab, 7/8/18


Prepare to believe all miracles of the OT & NT but be prepared to reject most post NT miracles.

“…Deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of…MIRACLES which he had power to do…”(Rev 13.14).

“For they are the spirits of devils, working MIRACLES…”(Rev 16.14).

“…The beast was taken & with him the false prophet that wrought MIRACLES before him…”(Rev 19.20).

These are the only references to miracles in Revelations – Be Ware! 7/8/20


“When a man receives the blessing of holiness he is ready for it. He is willing to take the consequences. He believes the promises of God…He trusts God for it.”

– John Paul


Rev 6.9

“…when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them

that were slain for the word of God & for the testimony which they held:”


One of the missing parts of the Lord’s Day AM worship, is the Reading of God’s Word. The pastor can read a chapter which will fit with his message. He can designate a deacon to read (or more than one, on rotation) & let him/them choose the chapter to read. He (or another) can lead the morning congregation in Responsive Readings from the hymnal. Assembling in His House is a perfect time hear &/or participate in the Bible Reading. Don’t make all the words man’s words – you can include God’s Eternal Words. – 7/9/20


“Die to live, Lose to save, Give to have.”

– G I Norman

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Eph 5.25 +

Eph 5.25

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church,

& gave himself for it;”


The male to female marriage is for life but only for earth – it stops here. The Christ-to-His-church marriage is for eternity AND. HAS. NO. END. Hallelujah! Have you made Christ your Lover? – 10/16/19


“Be prudent, be cautious, neither eat, drink, nor wear but as you pay for everything.

Live not on trust [credit-eab]…Labrt hard to live honestly.”

– Adam Clarke


It should make us Happy to see someone else Happy (if it is not sin). “Even if I’m not Happy?” Yes, salvation & especially holiness, allows us, without great effort, to be Happy for others (even when we have sorrow). This is how holiness works. -10/16/19



A wet world is a different world

Drippy, droopy, and drear

But, oh how great when the sun comes out

With skies tinted sky-blue clear.

– eab, 10/16/07


“He who gives his heart to the world robs God of it & in snatching at the shadow of earthly good loses substantial & eternal blessings [in in place of it].”

– Adam Clarke


Home schooling is the earliest form of school. (Who taught Adam/Eve’s kids?) It can be argued it’s the best form. (If anyone loves your child more than you do, drop on your knees. Now.) And, for some parents it may seem the hardest. Please Dad (yes, you, Dad should be involved), Please Mom, ask the Master Teacher to give strength. Ask Him for wisdom. Ask Him to give fresh ideas, little jingles, new approaches (Christ is totally unlimited.) This is a major part of Christian parenting – hold steady. – 10/16/19


Jer 10.2

Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen &

be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.”


“We’re just a few steps behind as we try to coddle perversion

& act like that people cannot be delivered.”

– James Plank


Parents – don’t yield to pressure from evangelical friends, even holiness ones, to include “ideals” of ancient heathens. Greeks/Romans were Heathen without question. Some catholic (& other) sources may try to lead you to think they “saw” God but their paganism far exceeds glimpses of divinity. Your child may need to know name, approx. era, maybe 1 concept of Socrates (& ilk) but never require a Christian home schooler to know much. Study Moses (& like) “Moses alone…gives a consistent & rational account of…creation.” (quote from Adam Clarke) – 10/16/19


“If you’ve been talked into an abortion…

God can forgive you!” [essence of statement)]

– James Plank

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Eph 5.25 +

Eph 5.25

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church,

and gave himself for it;”


“One can’t be sinning & born of God at the same time.

That is the law of truth.”

– Andrew N Johnson, Methodist preacher


Do not love just your wife’s cooking, nor just her fine looks, nor her titillating laughter – love her. Her cooking may change, her looks will change, & she could even lose her laughter – hope not, but possible. Love the packaging, yes, but make sure to love the core more.

– eab, 4/13/19


“The great truth that we can live above sin, started the Holiness Movement & it has to be propagated, if the Holiness Movement is to be perpetuated.”

– Andrew N Johnson, Methodist preacher



Fox grass bending under gentle, windy strokes,

Snow bank patches left on eastern side of slopes,

Early grass growing on the valley wall beyond,

Horizontal streaks set ablaze by the sun,

Unleafed apple trees file up the hill abreast.

A honey bee in strip’d array is out searching for the rest

A variegated heaven is peeking past the tail’s of mares,

As silhouetted birds claimed the world as theirs.

– eab, Apr. 1971



I’m not redeemed tonight

Because of anything I’ve done,

Or any place I’ve been or any race I’ve won.

I’m not redeemed tonight

Because of my last name,

Or because of money or earthly fame.

I’m not redeemed tonight except by the blood,

Of the living Son of God.

– eab, Apr. 1980


I’d encourage you to think about Resurrection; think about it everyday. Think about Christ’s Resurrection – it was Glorious (with a capital “G”). But also think about *your* resurrection. As surely as Christ had a Resurrection, you’re going to have one. We will either resurrect with the just or with the unjust (Act 24.15). O, Friend, think about your resurrection &, By Faith, get completely clear with God.

– eab, 4/14/19


Act 24.15

“And have hope toward God, which they themselves also allow,

that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just & unjust.”


“How many myriads of souls hast thou [speaking of war] hurried unprepared into the eternal world.”

– Adam Clarke


To claim you’re a “thinker” might be questioned by friend or vetoed by foe. But a desire to think is not wrong. Learn to pick up an idea, turn it around, flip it over, weigh it in a balance with Truth. Check from where it came. If the one who formulated it is deceased – was he a man likely to be in heaven or – did his life, habits, other writings show him more likely to be in hell. “Why, what difference does it make?” [Careful now, you’re not thinking Biblically.] If his life allowed him (from what we see) heaven, then *consider* his idea. If his life (from appearances) landed him in eternity’s trash heap, reject his idea NOW.

– eab, 4/14/19


“To forsake all, without following Christ, is the virtue of a philosopher.

To follow Christ in profession, without forsaking all, is the generality of Christians.”

– Adam Clarke

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Eph 5.25 +

Eph 5.25

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church,

and gave himself for it;”


“A conscience void of offense toward God & man is an inheritance for Eternity”

– Daniel Webster, quoted by George B Kulp, /A Voice fr. Eternity/


Young men seem to be less interested in marriage than they used to be. Why? Are they afraid of commitment? Are they wanting to spend their money on themselves? Have they not seen happy homes: at home, in the parsonage, in their school teachers? Are they not maturing? Or, heaven forbid, are we seeing males who are less than men, males who are not interested in marrying & then lovingly “possessing” a dream wife because they are “males” who are not fully masculine? Why the “low – to – no” attraction?

– eab, 10/1/18


“Somewhere in the Psalms

you will find your picture.”

– Bob Thompson (Indiana)



Hypocrites can fool Christians,

At least for a few days.

Hypocrites can fool preachers,

With their counterfeiting ways.

Hypocrites can fool themselves

– That is scariest of all;

For how can you get up,

If you think you did not fall.

– eab, 10/9/08


“…Judgment [Final]; where the inquiry will be how humbly, how devoutly, how purely, how meekly, how piously, how charitably, how heavenly, we have spoken thought & acted.”

– Wm Law, /Serious Call…/


Act 16.18

“And this did she [damsel possessed with a spirit of divination] many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.”


Do not confuse the wonderful God-made season called “Fall” with the horrible man-made event called “Halloween.” Fall is chuck-full of colors: Orange, Brown, Red, Yellow. Halloween also uses Orange but it makes Black a major color & some white. Fall rejoices in the harvest of living crops. Halloween centers around death, even skeletons. Fall is grateful for life – halloween has more to do with graveyards. Christians can be glad with Fall – christians should avoid Halloween colors, skulls, witches, & blood.

– eab, 9/26/18


“…The confession must be as public as the transgression.”

– Oswald J Smith, /Revival We Need/

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