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Be content. Make it a game to use what you have, now & all of life. There’s pleasure in “making do” “stretching the dollar” “re-purposing” items others would’ve discarded. I’m not a “tree-hugger” or an “eco-wacko” but a man whom God has endowed with a degree of common sense & has enabled to see a new “use” for this or that, across years. Be content. It-is-a-choice!

– eab, 12/23/17



“I AM.”

I love that Name

God is the ever-present Present.

He guarantees the certainty

Of His habitation: eternity.

– eab, 1/7/16


In teaching how Bible I’ve used my hand to help people remember 5 questions as they study.

Thumb – short – ask a short (3 letter) question “Who.”

Index finger – longer – ask a longer (4 letter) question “What.”

Middle finger – longest – ask the longest (5 letter) question “Where.”

Third finger – back down – ask a long (4 letter) question “When.”

Little finger – short – ask second short (3 letter) question “Why.” (Apply to all subjects) – eab, 1/7/18


“When I got serious with God, God got serious with me.”

– B J Walker, sermon, 8/4/2009


Some people do not want to be bothered with thinking. They want to eat, sleep, work (little or lot depending on personality), marry, follow sports teams, & go to church without having to think. One reason ritualistic churches have popularity is attendees can be put-asleep-by-rites, not be forced examine anything.

– eab, 1/7/18


2Co 6.2

“…Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”


*Longer post – share for a friend.*

You used to attend a careful school/college/church. You _saw_ God move in services & knew it was His presence you felt in prayer-meetings. But you married, transferred to a bigger school or opted to go to a more fashionable church, & took on worldly ways. Decades have passed. Recently an even, death, tragedy grabbed your attention. You have a distinct impression God is trying to get your attention. I beg you, *listen.* You’re especially blessed that after yrs of wandering, that He’s returned & invites you to come back to Biblical living. It’ll be hard for you to pull out of the ruts you’ve been in – in fact it will take all the manhood/womanhood you can possibly muster. The devil will try to convince you that you can’t return to right, religious roots. “What will folks say?” Worse, “What will my children say?” The devil will appeal to your pride, he’ll remind you of your position in the church. _Stop_ putting off God. It is /your/ never dying soul which is at stake. “I can’t straighten out all these decades.” _Start_ doing this hour what you know you ought to do. Man-up. Repeat, “It will take all the manhood/ womanhood” you possess but 15 sec after you’re dead you’ll be glad you did. This very post maybe *your wakeup call*.

– eab, 1/7/18

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Isa 57. 15

“For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy;

I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit,

to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.”

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When in the 7th & 8th grades

Mom, Dad, & I lived where our lane pulled out onto US 22. That was before interstates; 22 was a main trucking route between NYC & Cincinnati. Our place had a high bank & the highway curved so headlights would search that hillside as they headed east. Dad made (or had made, don’t recall which) a sign 4’ high x 8’ long & placed it to be seen by east-bound traffic. From the lower left to the upper right corners stretched “ETERNITY.” This left an upper left triangle where Dad placed the word “Heaven” & a lower right triangle where he had “Hell.” We’ll never know how many saw, thought, & prayed after seeing Dad’s sign.

Thanks Dad, for your concern about souls in that day, in that way.

– eab, 4/23/17

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We have no idea what time yet holds for us. Let alone what eternity holds. Our only hope of “getting a handle” on time and on eternity is a careful reading of the ageless, classic Bible.

– eab, 8/14/16

You have a possibility that satan (as powerful as he is) does not have. You, by God’s great grace, can go to heaven. The devil, once in heaven, can never ever re-enter. (Hallelujah! 🙂 ) And he, try/tempt as he may, can NOT stop you from going to heaven. (Please dis-please the devil Today, Tomorrow, To eternity.)

– eab, 11/20/16

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Our “Personal Eternity” has already begun (began the day of conception). We have the seed of Eternity Now, Here, In time (somewhat of a staggering thought). And the absolutely shortest thing about Eternity is its name.

– eab, 2/9/15

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Into His presence with song,

In private – away from the throng,

Adoring the One to Whom I belong,

Now and through eternity – endlessly long.

– eab, 1/20/09

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Every religion stops at the grave.

Salvation through Christ

goes on for eternity

– eab, 10/16/14

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There is one person (& 1 only) who can keep you out of heaven

– he/she wears your shoes. – eab, 2/15/14

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Can you be “cool” & be a Christian? 


Christians may (or may not) be


considered “cool” now. 


They’ll be the only ones Cool in eternity –


going to hell is NOT cool.


– eab, 1/25/13

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Eternity – spelled

Ever tried to see, to imagine, to grip,

t  This thing called “Eternity” – beyond time’s lip,

e  Ever thought what God was doing in the past?

r  Reading. Reading what? He knows all – first to last.

n  No human (limited as we are) to earth-time, earth-space,

i  In any way can grasp God’s Purpose, Creation, Grace.

t  Tomorrow passes us. “Timeless” we speak, but do not know

y  Yet God here, everywhere lies beyond times short flow.

– eab, 7/5/12

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