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There is one person (& 1 only) who can keep you out of heaven

– he/she wears your shoes. – eab, 2/15/14


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Can you be “cool” & be a Christian? 


Christians may (or may not) be


considered “cool” now. 


They’ll be the only ones Cool in eternity –


going to hell is NOT cool.


– eab, 1/25/13

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Eternity – spelled

Ever tried to see, to imagine, to grip,

t  This thing called “Eternity” – beyond time’s lip,

e  Ever thought what God was doing in the past?

r  Reading. Reading what? He knows all – first to last.

n  No human (limited as we are) to earth-time, earth-space,

i  In any way can grasp God’s Purpose, Creation, Grace.

t  Tomorrow passes us. “Timeless” we speak, but do not know

y  Yet God here, everywhere lies beyond times short flow.

– eab, 7/5/12

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Earthly abuse is sad. 


More sad is parental abuse for eternity –


when parents knowingly refuse


to raise their child with Biblical values.

– eab, 12/25/10

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With whom do you hope to “spend” eternity?


We are likely to “spend” eternity

with the same kind of people


(saints OR sinners – NOT both)

with whom we enjoyed spending time on earth. 

– eab, 8/3/12

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(Olympics included – with all its hype)


are part of satan’s plan to keep you


from thinking about eternity –



the greatest “world contest”



is for YOUR soul. 

– eab, 7/27/12

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Answers for Eternity



Available Today!                


– eab, 8/20/11

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