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A wife Adam had named “Miss” Eve


She came from a spot near his “sleeve.”


Though to be a help-mate


She, then he, soon ate,


They ate ‘cause they didn’t believe.   [Gen 3.6]

– eab, 3/3/05

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God instituted marriage, 

When He gave Adam, Eve.

Christ’s first miracle was performed,

At a wedding, I believe.


What the Almighty has joined,

Let not man put apart.

Imagine the pain, O the loss,

Of a cold, dissected heart.


This earth’s greatest union;

A man and his faithful wife.

Always loving, as Christ the church,

Joined for living & for life.


Forty and six years ago today,

Two became one;

(An initial changed; C. to B.)

For better – worse, for tears – fun.


For children, and their children,

For gray hairs or none.

Years that spell problems and battles,

Here, there, a victory won.


Forty six.  May many more

Belong to Mom and Dad.

Making your lives rich in Christ’s love,

Now, and eternally glad.

                – eab, May ‘73

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A wife Adam had, named “Miss” Eve.

She came from a spot near his “sleeve.”

Though to be a help-mate,

She, then he, soon ate;

They ate ‘cause they didn’t believe. – eab, 3/3/05

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