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Moderns have tried to excuse the “sword,”

Saying with faces (apparently) straight,

That the great Book, the Book of the Lord

Allows killing as a “Christian” trait.


Such souls partly (willingly?) blinded,

Speak of David and others of fame;

Seem not to see the battles sited,

Do not a modern violence so claim.


True it is, without any trace of a doubt, 

Many men in the Israelite camp,

Fought with, conquered, “took Canaanites out,”    

Leaving many spots blood-red and damp.


Name a New Testament group or man –

With (after grace) one notch in his “gun.”

Show once where Jesus’ life-loving plan,

Wants pagans killed under moon or sun.


Some men divide “murder” from “killing,”

(They speak not of accident’s result)

For their “national interest,” they’re willing

To kill heathen in army assault.


Does the sinner on the other side, 

Lying in blood, slipping into hell,

Know you didn’t “murder” as he died,

Was gun or bomb “Christian” – could he tell?


We…WAR not after the flesh” [1] Paul wrote.

Our weapons are not carnal he said.

Christ has no part in “national gloat,”

He sorrows – as both sides count their dead.


Nations “using” Scripture to back gore,

Must reach pre-cross to “prove” their bad point,

God winkled at brutality of yore,

Jesus does not carnal war anoint.


One sword was swung by disciple hand,

It missed – severed Malchus from his ear.

Did Christ thank Peter for “righteous” stand?

No.  He healed – His enemy could hear.


Jesus missed a opportunity,

If He had wanted followers to kill

He didn’t.  Followers need to see

Killing (war) is not the Master’s will.   – eab, 11/26/2006

[1] 2Co 10.3

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