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Exo 20.3,4 +

Exo 20.3, 4

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…”


“Sadducees, liberals of the NT,

Pharisees legalistic ones of the NT.”

– Paul W Finch


Please do NOT quote hollywood actors/actresses. People who do not watch hollywood/disney’s Make-Believe aren’t impressed that “so-n-so” gives his, right OR left, opinion. The same applies to ball players. When you quote such, you’re showing YOU place value on their ideas. Wake up. These people live in an unreal world: “the set” is false; false walls/ceilings, false sounds & all the actors are phony. – 1/20/20


“…As confirmed saints & angels have a free will though they have no evil will,

so abandoned reprobates & devils have a free will though they have no good will.”

– John Fletcher


. . . You precious Jesus, You loving Lord

Supplied Your men meekness, meekness You afford.

Not weakness under pressure but power to be still,

Awaiting the outcome of a Savior’s loving will.

Oh, the luscious fruit of the Upper room.

Oh, the life that came from an empty tomb.

God give us today a newness of vision,

An awareness that Your miraculous provision,

Stopped not with the shores of distant Galilee,

But flows on today, flows on to me,

And finally temperance You gave without measure;

Having a little can also be great treasure,

Saying “no” to a meal or “no” to a drink

Might make the glutton and drunkard think,

That there’s more to life than plate or cup,

Don’t look down at “de feet” Look up, Look up.

The God who drove the groove, through the ancient sea,

And supplied manna without charge, bill, or fee,

And sent His Comforter in Pentecost past,

Still lives, Still loves, Still yearns to cast,

One’s carnal old troubles away from His men,

And place all the fruit of the Spirit within.

Great God of the Testaments, glorious and bold,

Revisit Your people, as You did of old.

I love you, Lord Jesus, I love you, fine Lord.

Living, eternal, loving, gentle Word. – eab, Jan 2003 [last part of poem]


“…Is it not reasonable to suppose that a Christian education should have no other end but to teach youth how to think & judge & act & live according to the strictest laws of Christianity?”

– Wm. Law


A grown man takes a stick & stands in a particular spot. Another grown man tries to throw a ball past him. If the man can make his stick hit this ball & hit it far enough, other grown men (even women) stand & make a ruckus. Did I mention these people clapping/shouting, paid several dollars to get in to where they could so see & yell? Did you know many of these yellers also bought gas, meals (& some a motel room) to see & yell? An evangelist in Asia, Africa, Europe, N.Am., S.Am.,Oceania could use those twentie$. L 1/21/20


Rev 21.8

“…The fearful & unbelieving & the abominable & murderers & whoremongers & sorcerers

& idolaters & all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire & brimstone…”


There’s always a reason a person lies. Millions of lies have been told for money. Lies have been told to not be killed or to get someone (or group) to be killed. Lies have paved the way for marriages & other “deals.” Preachers “tell lies” when they don’t preach the whole Gospel. Teachers/parents repeat lies they were taught in school. Schools/colleges/publishers create lies when they take a theory (perhaps a very weak theory) & either change it to a “fact” or repeat it so often (without saying it’s a theory) until the public assumes it’s a fact. There’s ALWAYS a reason lies are told – Look for it. – 1/21/20


“…I am persuaded that the translators of the Bible were masters of an English style much fitter for that work than any we see in our present writings.

– Jonathan Swift, quoted by Gilchrist Lawson

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