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Ezra 7.10 +

Ezra 7.10

“…Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord

& to do it & to teach in Israel statutes & judgments.”


“Desire for revival is one thing;

confident anticipation that our desire will be fulfilled is another.”

– Duncan Campbell


So – – – you’ve stopped gambling. I’m sorry you every started (the desire to “get-rich-quick” has several snares, gambling is a major one) but I’m glad you’re done. I know-most you feel better about yourself. Good. The devil will make you proud of the discipline this took (congratulations on the will-power J) & try to convince you you’re almost into heaven. He is a liar. Please cry out to Jesus for forgiveness for all your sins & Believe His gracious promises. Only Christ can make you a New Creature! – 3/23/20


John Dorsey’s shortest poem (Maybe the world’s shortest poem?) was Titled

*Woman Troubles*

“Adam had’em.”

– John F Dorsey



If your god is of this world

Corrupt, carnal, cold

You’ll seek to be like him

To live more in his sad mold.

But when you meet the True God

Creator, Redeemer, Pure Lord

You’ll want to be like Him

All that His grace can e’er afford.

– eab, 3/23/18


There are 1000s of people (who knows how many) who believe in the “historical” Christ. They have no doubt He walked both the shore & water of Galilee. They live a life above the average. They’ve even “walked the sawdust trail” at a camp or revival but they’re not in Victory. Friends – we’re saved by faith. We’re sanctified by faith. And we’re only going to go to heaven by an active, living faith. Re-read or sing the song J H Sammis penned, “Trust & Obey.” It is right. – 3/23/20


“It seems to me the most suitable manner of beginning the day.”

– John Q Adams – said regarding his daily study of the Bible


Psa 9.2

“I will be glad & rejoice in thee:

I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High.”


I hope you have a couple different hymnals in your house. I respect Pilgrim’s Progress (you’ve read it – right?) & Paradise Lost, but would have to say an older hymnal can bless your heart more than any book after God’s Word. Keep one near. Read/sing from it as a fine supplement to Scripture reading.

(My hand-sized leather-bound “Praise & Worship” was a gift from my sweet wife when I turned 27. It did not have an index of authors [perhaps its greatest weakness] so I made up one & fixed it inside the front & back covers; it’s on my desk as I write.) – 3/23/20


“…The greatest poem ever written consists of one hundred & eighty-eight words.

It is the Twenty-Third Psalm.

– Bruce Barton

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