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The foolish Endure religion today –


            Trying to miss hell “tomorrow.”


The wise Enjoy CHRIST today –


            and will Enjoy HIM forever ! ! !


– eab, 8/26/09

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When the toils of life are over,
And we lay our armor down,
And we bid farewell to earth with all its cares,
We shall meet and greet our loved ones,
And our Christ we then shall crown,
In the new Jerusalem.


There’ll be singing, there’ll be shouting
When the saints come marching home,
In Jerusalem, in Jerusalem,
Waving palms with loud hosannas
As the King shall take His throne,
In the new Jerusalem.

2. Though the way is sometimes lonely,
He will hold me with His hand,
Through the testings and the trials I must go.
But I’ll trust and gladly follow,
For sometime I’ll understand,
In the new Jerusalem.

3. When the last goodbye is spoken
And the tear stains wiped away,
And our eyes shall catch a glimpse of glory fair,
Then with bounding hearts we’ll meet Him
Who hath washed our sins away,
In the new Jerusalem.

4. When we join the ransomed army
In the summer land above,
And the face of our dear Savior we behold,
We will sing and shout forever,
And we’ll grow in perfect love,
In the new Jerusalem.

C B (Charles Brenton) Widmeyer was born this date, 7/19/1884 at Morgan, WV. 

He attended God’s Bible School (Cincinnati, OH), was Pre­sident of Point Lo­ma Na­za­rene Un­i­versity (CA), and later was chair­man of the Na­za­rene De­part­ment of Min­is­ter­i­al Re­lief (1923-48).  He also wrote the words and music to “Come and Dine.”  

Wid­mey­er died De­cem­ber 14, 1974, at Los An­ge­les, Cal­i­for­nia.

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Much of the kind palaver,

When friends and family gather,

Is about what the man did

While he scurried o’er the earth.


What his parents could afford,

Where he schooled, and what he scored,

Talk is of what he added

To his family’s total worth.


Or if he was a mixer,

Perhaps a great up-fixer,

Or that he was quite candid,

Or a man of jolly mirth.


None of such talk is centered

On the place the dead entered,

For the one discussed has died,

Forever leaving old earth.


To go up to God’s heaven,

Which has no carnal leaven,

Requires, to be qualified,

A second and holy birth.


After “birth” did he invest

His talents as he was blest?

Had he God’s kingdom supplied,

Even in times of his dearth?


What we’re worth when our life ends,

Heaven’s count of us depends,

Not upon gold neatly stacked,

Nor upon our ranch’s girth.


Heaven’s the place to send wealth,

Eternal illness or health,

High investment – related

Whether from New York or Perth.  – eab, 3/2/07  

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Creatures of time for a moment,

Creatures of eternity for aye,

Living once and so briefly,

Then passing forever away.


But away to what? Is the question,

To freeze the very soul;

Away to the place where one had

Planned to make his final goal?


Or away to the unexpected? 

Away to the undesired?

Where the sky is never blessed

With a morning sun, newly fired.


Away to the region of sorrows and griefs,

Here-to-fore unknown,

Away to reap the abundant harvest

Of “wild oats” carelessly sown.


Away to a place without babies,

To divert from the problem at hand.

Away to a scene, worse by far,

Than Alamo, or Custer’s Last Stand.


Away to separation – Separation  

– How sad that word, how sad!

Separation from a praying Mother,

Separation from a faithful Dad.


O God, may I die as the righteous,

Peaceful, Calm, Prepared.

And come to the brink of the river,

Knowing I have not spared.   -eab, 11/1973


Written in Nevada, Ohio

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“Whiter Than Snow”  (stanza 1)

Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole;
I want Thee forever to live in my soul.
Break down every idol, cast out every foe;
Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

This was song was written by James Nicholson, a native of Ireland.  He made America his adopted land.  James died this day in Washington DC but was buried back in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he had worked for the Post Office.

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For I am the LORD, I change not… Mal 3.6


Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and forever. Heb 13.8

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