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Born surely suggests a beginning,

A beginning like all of man.

He came so we could stop sinning.

Birth was a part of God’s big plan.


He asked doctors in the temple,

Sitting/standing about in their “school,”

(Asking may not be that simple)

He gave answers which made them “drool.”


Disciples He chose, and taught then

Via the Sermon on the Mount.

Doing miracles He helped them

See beyond the lunch fish-count.


His teachings ran counter to the norm.

He taught one could live above sin;

Reality surpassed mere form.

But Jews wanted normal again.


A chosen Judas chose to place,

A betraying kiss upon His cheek.

Peter could not a mere maid face;

They all forsook Him – low and meek.


Jesus who was born then soon died;

Died on a cross of shameful wood.

But by death He our life supplied.

Birth, crucifying understood.


The Lord was born that man could know,

The full joy of sin all in the past.

His birth, dying, rising, all show,

The love of God will last and last!


This year thank God for His sole Son.

This year forsake the carnal mind.

This year believe the battle won.

Leave disobedience behind.  –eab, 11/24/07

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