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“Waiting on the Lord”       (refrain and stanzas 2,3)


The power! the power!
Gives vict’ry over sin, and purity within;
The power! the power!
The pow’r they had at Pentecost.


Waiting on the Lord, giving all to Jesus;
Waiting on the Lord, till from sin He frees us;
Waiting on the Lord for the heav’nly breezes;
Waiting in the upper room.


Waiting on the Lord, longing to mount higher;
Waiting on the Lord, having great desire;
Waiting on the Lord, for the heav’nly fire;
Waiting in the upper room.


Charles Frederick Weigle died this date in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the city in which he had worked some years with Tennessee Temple Schools.  Weigle was born in LaFayette, Indaina (11/20/1871), attended Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (now a part of University of Cincinnati) and went on to preach and to write some 1000 songs.  See also “I Love to Walk with Jesus,” “Living for Jesus” and “No One ever Cared for Me Like Jesus”

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