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He may have been chained as a galley slave [1]

With no hope it seems, but beyond the grave

But his mind was free, yes free to soar

Above the splash and pull of the oar.


She may have had to grind the king’s flour

Be thus employed hour upon slave hour

But it was not so with her good mind

It sailed in realms above the low grind.


The gracious God of all time and of space

Has so created His scattered “man race”

That though enslaved, the lowest of men

The body’s all that cannot ascend


Two parts of man, the greater, greater by far

Have boundless spheres, ah, past the nearest star

And can delve and travel and explore

Beyond ceiling, walls, or swaying floor


The mind (should we also call it soul?)

Can’t be bound by fetter, chain, nor by pole

If this soul/mind is redeemed by God

It has a home far removed from sod


Only sin can the mind of man enslave

Sin can make a coward from a brave

Sins habits, and thoughts, and words, embind

But only sin can fetter man’s mind


Oh, what a Salvation, oh, Godly gift

Freeing the mind allowing daily “lift”

Above grinds and galleys of man’s strife

Salvation un-slaves the mind’s life.

                -eab, 11/1/06


[1] Had recently re-read about John Knox being a galley slave.

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