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Gen 1.1 +

Gen 1.1

“In the beginning God

created the heaven & the earth.”


“How does Jesus Christ teach a man to forget sin – by forgiving him.

How does a pagan teach a man to forget sin ‘Ignore it, think no more about it, realize yourself!’”

– Oswald Chambers


Some people like to wrap presents (Christmas, BD, Anniversary, etc.) & at times spend a fair amount on paper, ribbon &/or bow. But the gift inside is many times the value of the outside. In a sense Christ came to earth “wrapped” in human flesh – God best “paper.” But, praise the Lord, the Inside was Divine. The Inside present was indescribably better than the Wrapping. 1/1/20


“The success…of the unarmed & defenseless apostles & primitive preachers of Christianity

 is an incontrovertible proof that the gospel is a revelation of God.”

– Adam Clarke



Today the old soldier goes to rest

Slipped gently in earth’s pocketed vest

And the world in useless business of years

Will not notice nor care for the saint’s soft tears

H Robb French is dead.


He pastored and plead with his church

Preached mightily from many a camp “perch”

He prayed and believed, believed and prayed

Until God came, until God stayed

But today Robb French is dead


A camp in southern peripheral land

Swamp and pine and palmetto and sand

And from that camp a school did grow

Zooks and Frenches the “seed” did sow

Now the giant French is dead


In pick-up truck, he and his wife

Geraldine, she was, other half of his life

Traveled the circuit, delivering the Word

Revival and Rapture–that’s what you heard

Before the revivalist French was dead.

– eab, Jan. ’85


“…Say no more than you know the God above will say Amen to…”

– John Bunyan


Praise the Lord for a beautiful day to return home – dry roads, light traffic, car running well. Have been with Moma Stel (m-n-l) since 12/21/19, to give Martha time with her 97.5 yr old mother & to give her sister Carole, some relief. Andrew & a son visited there briefly, as did Lincoln & wife. On way home today visited both daughters & their complete families. Saw all 4 of our children, 3 of our in-laws & 12 grands (including Natasha’ husband). Although visits were short, we so loved being with so much family. – 1/1/20


Mat 4.19

“And he saith unto them,

‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.’ ”


If you’re still alive 12/31/20 will you be a deeper Christian? Please do not off-handedly say “Sure.” You & I will not float into a better spiritual realm in 2020. If we end this year on a higher plain it’ll be because we purposed in heart to fight the devil off our sacrifice; because we purposed to move heavenward when it meant less of this world. God help you – God help me to pursue holy living as never before. Amen? 1/1/20


“Never do anything I would not want to be doing the last hour of my life.”

– Jonathan Edwards

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10/23/4004 B.C. – This it the DATE, worked out by Archbishop James Ussher, that God “created the heaven and the earth” (Gen 1.1).  He went so far as to give a time – 9:00 a.m. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).  James Ussher (born 1/4/1581 in Dublin, Ireland, died 3/21/1656) did more than any known man to mathematically arrive (working backward) at the dates of Creation and the Flood.  He was a part if the Irish Church and was Calvinistic in his thinking.

 Though many would not contend for this exact day, or hour 🙂 , the good bishop is correct in his approximation of this date for the earth and its heaven being made by the Creator.

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