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Gen 1.3 +

Gen 1.3

“And God said, ‘Let there be light’

and there was light.”


One of the worst enemies of any marriage is selfishness. A marriage can survive it but only if one partner has the bigness to overlook this enemy & counter-act this enemy with lots of love. The christian has a “type of marriage” with Christ. He’s never selfish. After the christian is filled with the Holy Spirit, he is not selfish (though still very human). The most likely time for your relationship with Christ to suffer is before you’re sanctified. (This is one of the reasons satan fights holiness of heart.) – 1/2/2020


“Where the law ends, Christ begins.”

– Adam Clarke


Deserve Heaven

If you think you deserve heaven – You don’t.

If you think you’ll make it on your own – You won’t.

No one rises high above

Who’s not filled with perfect love.

– eab, 1/2/16


“Prayer is the most secret intercourse of the soul with God…

Prayer is the language of a conscious dependence on God…”

– Adam Clarke


What? You hold in your hand the very Words of God? What? You have at your favorite chair, swing, kitchen table The Book inspired by the Eternal Spirit & you ignore such Treasure? You’re not memorizing from it, not reading it daily with great pleasure? Something is wrong with this picture. – 1/2/20


Mat 3.2

“…Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”


“If you are willing to listen, God can get you to a clean heart

& get you to heaven.”

– Ken Thompson


There on that knoll above the river, or there in that stand of old trees are upright stones. Stones, carved or crude, marking the final resting place of a fellow human you never knew. They are “known” only to us by a lifeless stone – yet friend, those men, those women are very alive: on the bright hills of heaven or in the hot caverns of dark damnation.

Prepare to Meet they God! 1/2/20


“The west is interested in independence.

If there’s anything sin takes away from us it’s true independence.”

– Wallace Thornton Jr

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Gen 1.3 +

Gen 1.3

“And God said, ‘Let there be light’

and there was light.”


“ ‘There is no harm in it.’

You are just about half gone when you admit that.”

– S D Herron, sermon (uncertain date)


  1. What happened to our schools? #9

Third McGuffey Reader (4th – 5th grade, Rev.,1920) had these Christian words:

Holy (p. 75)   Hymns (p. 51)   Let there be light (p. 12)   Example:

God said, “Let there be light.” (Under Punctuation, Quotation Marks)


“Hell is a strange place for man; it was never made for mankind.

It will be a strange place for all eternity & there will be unutterable loneliness in hell.”

– S D Herron, sermon (uncertain date)



Excuse me, if you must.

You will pray, I trust;

It’s God’s will or “bust”

Before I “bit the dust.”

Good-bye to material lust,

Never to see the “upper crust,”

I’ll lay my treasure where there’s no rust,

And yield my all to the God that’s just.

– eab, March 1970


Mat 6.9b – 10a

“…Pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.”


You’ve read it, you’ve said it, you’ve even prayed it but, is it paramount to you? To me? “Thy Kingdom Come…” Are we working, are we witnessing, are we writing so that “Thy Kingdom” comes to our road, our church, our family altar? “Amen”? “O me”? – eab, 3/19/19


“When he [Pascal] died [1622] his friends found sewed up in his doublet…a paper ‘God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob – not of philosphers…’”

– Andrew W Blackwood


Don’t get bitten by the education “bug.” Schooling has helped some, been a trap to many, & the self-educated man is not exempt from danger. Pride lurks at the door of both the PhD & the man who made his own (better?) way. Use facts but more importantly, apply wisdom. Wisdom does not come from books – only the Good Book.

– eab, 3/20/19


“…A husband should give of himself

that his wife might be a saint.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

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