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Some folks religion is all past,

Made of ritual, reflexes, rites,

Mixed with a “called” feast, a “called” fast,

Based on images, pictures, sights.


Others religion is primarily a hope,

They hope in some uncertain day,

(Presently their religion doesn’t cope)

They hope for help when they’ve passed away,


The God who IS Triune, filled the past,

But controls the present as well.

Our God endures as long as time shall last,

Yet daily, today by faith, will indwell.


He is the God of the ever-present present,

He is the God of all history gone by,

Wherever in history’s line one is sent,

The Almighty is there: past and bye-n-bye.


What good is a God whose primary claim

Is a birth, a life, a filled tomb?

What good is a God whose supposed fame

Is for some generation still in the womb?


Our God is past, He’s future, and also right now.

He is here for the present trial, the current need,

He’ll be here when each future day enters, with a bow,

Ever present: to love, to lean on, to lead.

          – eab, 6/10/08

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