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What’s your goal for today? Some people’s goal is nothing but physical: lose a few ounces, walk another mile, ride x distance. Others have a financial goal: make another $100, close that deal on property, gain on investment. Still others plan to learn part of a language, master a formula, pass a history test, etc. Yet – – – the body stays here when the soul escapes, money is earth-bound, and worldly learning may have little-to-no-place in heaven. Let’s make it OUR goal to learn more Scripture (reading/repeating memory verses) and draw closer to Christ by communicating with Him and meditating on Him. Amen? They count for eternity!

– eab, 8/18/16

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To hear God above the babel of commonality,

To refuse to accept what the world calls “reality,”

To worship God from first days, to life’s finality.

– eab, 6/6/07

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