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Got Who?

Some, thinking they


                got a pastor’s “sheep,”


Soon find out


                they “got his goat.”

             – eab, 11/2/09

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Lied Jacob to his dear old dad.

Said “venison,” when goat he had.

But soon he was lied to,

Sorrows he oft knew.

Sinful oats “multiply like mad.” –eab, – 3/3/05,  Gen 27.19


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Out of the Towns of Egypt,

Out of the ghettos of Ham,

With oxen and calf, kid and goat,

Ewe and stately old ram,


With bundles on back and head:

Breadboards and extra garb,

Marched a nation of men,

Who’d recently felt a master’s barb.


Mountain to right of them,

Rose in its height,

Mountain to left of them,

Cut off all flight.


While the rumble of chariots,

Told their sad ear,

That old Pharaoh now,

Approached from the rear,


And the sea before them,

(Their only way to pass)

Lay calm and deadly still,

Like a giant looking glass.  –eab, 3/99 edited 1/09

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