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God Calling Yet;  Shall I Not Hear?


God calling yet; shall I not hear?
Earth’s pleasures shall I still hold dear?
Shall life’s swift passing years all fly,
And still my soul in slumber lie?

God calling yet; shall I not rise?
Can I His loving voice despise,
And basely His kind care repay?
He calls me still—can I delay?

God calling yet, and shall He knock,
And I my heart the closer lock?
He still is waiting to receive,
And shall I dare His Spirit grieve?

Ah, yield Him all; in Him confide;
Where but with Him doth peace abide?
Break loose, let earthly bonds be riven,
And let the spirit rise to heaven.

God calling yet; and shall I give
No heed, but still in bondage live?
I wait, but He does not forsake;
He calls me still—my heart, awake!

God calling yet; I cannot stay;
My heart I yield without delay;
Vain world, farewell! from thee I part;
The voice of God hath reached my heart.

Gerhard Tersteegen [1] was born this date11/25/1697 at Meurs (maybe seenMors orMoers), Rhenish (maybe seenWestphalia or Nie­der­rhein),Prussia.  He was converted to Christ at age sixteen.  About 1724 he began doing religious teaching supported by gifts from friends. His ministry included the physical and spiritual needs, and the preparing of foods and simple medicines for those less blessed. After 1728, Tersteegen was an itin­er­ant minister in the Pro­test­ant “spir­i­tu­al awak­en­ing move­ment” in Niederrhein.  He is known to have translated some French Quietist works.  And he left behind a hymn, “God Calling Yet; Shall I Not Hear?”

[1] It is claimed that his real name was Dutch “Gerrit ter Steegen”

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