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God IS

  1. God.

  2. God IS.

  3. God is good.

  4. God – vs. gods (1 vs. millions)

  5. God IS – to the consternation of e-v-e-r-y atheist (J)

  6. God is good – you CAN trust Him (the devil is a liar!)

– eab, 8/12/15

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God is the greatest Mathematician and ALL His “calculations” are CORRECT.

God is the greatest Grammarian – He “invented” words and IS the Word.

God is the greatest Scientist – He KNOWS every facet of every discipline of what man calls science.

God is the greatest Poet and also the greatest Writer of prose – He “owns” the field of language.

God is the greatest Historian; He was there when it ALL transpired. He IS the eye Witness.   

– eab, 10/15/12

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More gracious than all His grace

More precious than all His riches

More spacious than all His space.

            – eab,6/23/03

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