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God likes His now swelling, now calm, seas

Creatures that bark, sing, moo, and even sneeze

He’s fond of grassland, herb plants, giant trees

Things with six legs (Who knows how many knees)

God’s fond of His animals, His plants, and such

In fact, as Creator, He likes them very much.

The Book says He loved the world – how do we rate?

Look higher than the above scattered lists

Look beyond His like for fogs, clouds, and mists

God loves people: each woman, child, man

On each cordillera, each sea, in every land

God loves the ones we just tolerate

(And sometimes barely that)

Yes, He loves the skinniest guy

On which you’ve ever laid your eye

And the woman beyond plump – she’s fat.

He loves plain ole people

Under and beyond the steeple

God even loves the scum of the earth

Loves simpletons who live to make mirth

He loves scholars amongst their library stacks

Loves a farmer with bins or a farmer with mere sacks

There’s not a man that you can name

He does not love equally the same

And friend, His huge love includes you and me

The Triune God loves us all, Thankfully.

– eab, 2/9/17

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