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In 1992 I started pastoring a church in South Dakota

previously pastored by Bro Harold Greer. When I heard how God, upon his retirement, allowed them to buy a little place in Nebraska very reasonably I was encouraged that He could do the same for us when we needed it. He did.

Three years ago today I carried my wife across the threshold of a humble 1340 sq. ft. cottage; when I did, it was debt free! Many work-hours later (wish I knew how many – but when working for yourself labor’s cheap 🙂 ) and many dollars later, it’s a nice little home with a wonderful location. Many pastors work (full/part-time) and buy their personal house; that is between them and God. In most of my pastorates/school teaching years I had not felt free to do anything but work full-time for the church and in my study. God supplied our need in 2013 and He can supply yours when His time is right. Praise the Lord!

– eab, 7/30/16

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