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Holiness as a doctrine is Good


Holiness as an initial experience is Better


Holiness lived out in daily-life is Best.     


 – eab, 6/29/11                          

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There once was a man who was strong,

(Though his hair was a little bit long)

Heathen gals he desired;

Three hundred foxes he fired.

His good is less known, than his wrong.

          – eab, 3/3/05 (Jud 15.4)

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Any time there’s potential for evil,


          there is Great potential for Good.  – eab, 11/26/07

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One Letter


Don’t think it odd,


That “good” and “God,”


Are but a letter apart.


Nor think it trivial,


That “evil” and “devil,”


Are alike, but for the start. -eab,  9/20/08

Written at Westfield, Indiana

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