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Thank you God for ten fingers, and my running toes,

Thank you for my two big ears and my runny nose.

Thank you for the hair on my head,

And for sentences my eyes have read,

Thanks for the words my tongue just said,

And thank You for my tummy–well fed.


Thank you for the good Mother of mine,

Who does my cloths and supper so fine.

Thank You God for my grand ole dad

Though at times he makes me sad,

Spanking (he thinks I’m been bad!)

All other hours he makes me glad.


Thank You God for your Holy Bible,

Because by it our family is able,

To read the promises that are very old,

To hear the story of David so bold,

Be warned to be either hot or cold,

And read of parables which are ten-fold.


And Lord, I’d really be remiss,

(Image my grandchild saying this.)

If I forgot to thank You for

Gram and Gramp (wish they lived next door).

Thanks for cousins, aunts, uncles and more,

Thanks for blessings, blessings galore.


            -Gramp, Thursday, November 23, 2000.

Written while Associate Professor of Bible, Hobe Sound Bible College, Florida

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Edgar A. Bryan (name of blogger) has pastored holiness churches in US and Canada, been Associate Professor at one Bible College and taught in others (both at home and abroad), has written Matthew – Titles, Notes, and Questions (’06), A Study in Christian Beliefs (’07), Zechariah – Titles, Notes, and Questions (’08) and has a book at the printers.  He is the husband of one good wife, the father of four great children, the father-n-law of four more nice children, and “Gramp” to sixteen GRANDchildern.  Edgar has enjoyed gardening, deer and sheep hunting, has hiked the Smoky Mt. section of the AT, most of the many trail miles of South Mt. (Phoenix) and driven in 49 states.  He has written hundreds of rhymes and several songs.  He currently is pastor and Bible teacher at Union Friends Church.  

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