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If you’re a young pastor or one not-so-young

but were raised or have pastored where a Special Day is not observed, listen up.  This Lord’s Day (1st Lord’s Day after Labor Day) is Grandparent’s Day.  It is a perfect time to invite unchurched Gramdpa or Grandma of a Sunday School child to service.  It’s a time to invite the children (and their children) of faithful men and women who make up the backbone of your congregation. You could announce it tonight and make a few calls.  You can put it on the front page of your bulletin. Buy a small gift if you like for the one with the most grandchildren in church, but if not, honor them with a special song, a bit of ceremony, or a standing ovation. Grandparent’s Day could be a great blessing to you and your older saints and even see a soul saved and/or a healing brought in a dear family.

– eab, 9/6/16

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