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Hurrying toward the grave,

Whether mad master or sad slave,

Whether honest knight or sneaky knave,

Whether cringing coward or “bad” brave,

Whether home is dry castle or damp cave,

Whether silly Sally or somber, silent Dave,

Whether hurrying on earth or on wild wave,

Whether the one who took or the one who gave,

Only CHRIST can save

From what is beyond the grave!

 – eab, 3/12/09

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Grave, where is thy victory? 

Grave, where is thy victory?


He is risen, as He said,

He is not among the dead.

But has gone away up ahead.


Grave, GRAVE, answer me, today! 

Is Christ really gone to stay?

Yes! Oh grave.  You lost your victory.

                – eab, Aug. ‘86

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Jesus Christ saves sinners;

Sinners only does He save.

He can heal the broken hearted,

Raise the dead up from the grave,

The great Messiah of the skies

Restores sight to blinded eyes.

But He only touches them,

That realize that they need Him.  –eab, 3/’72

Written in/near Akron, Ohio

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