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Johannes Gutenberg died 2/3/1468.  He was born c.1398 at Mainz, German, to Freile zum Gensfleisch & his 2nd wife, Else Wirick zum Gutenberg, whose maiden name Johannes adopted.  He appears to have been  apprenticed to a goldsmith; press idea was adapted from agricultural presses.  Though moveable type is said to have been used in Asia decades before, Gutenberg with goldsmithing knowledge, created alloy(s?) revolutionizing this process. Sadly in a church leader dispute Mainz was sacked, the original press destroyed.

His first Book, the Gutenberg Bible, referred to as a “Forty-Two-Line” Bible, was completed no later than 1455.  It is said to have sold for 30 florins.  Forty some Gutenberg Bibles still exist.  His press not only made the Bible available, but presses helped reformers spread their news – for example Luther had his 95 Theses printed and circulated widely.

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