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WIFE [1]

I married you in my happy youth,

Wife of my first love.

And year by year, I know the truth,

Our union was from above.


Because in you I find the arts

That I admire the most.

And our desires for united hearts

Are not an idle boast.


The habits and joys of one of us,

Are always some how shared,

And the burdens – come what must –

Are likewise mutually beared.


Yes, and you’ve the traits and likes

That a mother always needs.

To keep sweet, our sweet young “tikes,”

Blessed, little seeds.


So all in all, my love sweet,

You make a fine mate.

And if you’ll allow one repeat,

You make a fine mate.               – eab, 12/18/66



[1] I graduated from high school May 30th and married Martha Mae Scarbrough June 30th 1961. Married in Maryville, Tennessee, her home town and in church I pastored 1974-75.

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