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Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote about Smith (1829 – Harvard class reunion)

There’s a nice youngster of excellent pith,                                             

Fate tried to conceal him by naming him Smith;

But he shouted a song for the brave and the free,

Just read on his medal, “My country,” “of thee.”


Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote about Smith (1888 – Smith’s 80th birthday)


Full ma­ny a po­et’s labored lines

A century’s creeping waves shall hide—
The verse a people’s love enshrines
Stands like a rock that breasts the tide.
Time wrecks the proudest piles we raise,
The towers, the domes, the temples fall.
The fortress crumbles and decays—
One breath of song outlasts them all.

Samuel Francis Smith was born this date, 10/21/1808, Boston, MA.  He, of course, authored “My Count­ry ’Tis of Thee” (when just age 23) and “The Morning Light Is Breaking.”  He served as a pastor, a professor, and a publisher (contributed to the En­cy­clo­pe­dia Amer­i­cana).  He and Holmes were classmates.

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