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Today is the beginning of another week.  If you keep a journal, do a diary, or have a great memory you probably can relate something mundane or monumental which transpired every day of last week – a phone call, a letter, a visit, an email, a “chance” conversation at the store, gas station, etc.  

Last week is history, dare I say f-o-r-e-v-e-r history, only to be re-lived in those wonderfully glad (or solemnly sad) “halls of memory.”


Today is a fresh start.  Today is the commencement of a new week.  Will this week be as nice as last week or nicer, as sad or sadder?  “How do I know, pastor?”  Of course none of us know the events to come but we can know with Whom we will face those events.  Our Friend – who is closer than a brother – will be with us (if we are with Him) and will give us help in the coming week.  With Christ next week does not have to be weak.


Christ, the greatest possible Friend, not only will be with us but He (and the entire Holy Trinity) has given us a great way to start, a proper way to begin this new week – it’s called the Lord’s Day.[1]  There is no better way to start your week than with Him.  There is no better place to start your week than here in God’s house.  Have a great Lord’s Day here and beyond the walls of the church. And, with Christ, have a great week not a weak one.

[1] Please remember this, this afternoon & evening It IS His day – give Him all of It – willingly.

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