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How are you doing in your Praise Life?  Have you praised God already today for TODAY?  (Many people died in the last 24 hrs.)  Have you praised Him for bacon, eggs, and toast, or cereal, coffee, and donut?  (Many a person has had little-to-nothing to eat in the last day.)   Have you praised the Lord for your “Sunday-go-to-Meet’n-clothes”?  (Many persons have one change of clothing, or even no change.)


Have you praised the Lord for the pew on which you are “parked”?  (Many Christians in the last 24 hrs. have been seated on a floor or a log or a hard backless bench.)  Have you praised Jesus for a hymnal?  (Many hearts sing only from memory OR in what are called “contemporary churches” they have read a “7-11 chorus” off from wall/screen.)

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