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HE WAS OUTSIDE (23rd card)

He was born outside the warmth of

His heavenly home.

He was born outside the INN doors,

Born where cattle roam.


He was born outside the house in Nazareth,

Where He’d later play.

He was born outside, outside it all,

On that Special Day.


He was run outside of Judah’s boundaries

When a child.

He was found outside the clan circle;

Giving answers mild.


He fed them outside, five thousand plus;

After He preached the Word.

He was oft outside, outside,

Till the poorest sinner heard.


He was lead outside

Old Jerusalem to be killed.

He was left outside the city walls;

Because it was willed.


He thus died outside, for all our sins;

He had none of His own.

He died SO outside, outside,

The human race He had sown.


He is now inside, inside my life

And there to stay.

He is now inside, our glad heart door –

Christmas every day.


He is now inside, of every saint,

In all the world around.

He’s forever inside,

BECAUSE outside He then was found!

– eab, Dec. ’88

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