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H Her birth was in a southern state,

E Early fall, September’s the date.

In the good year of ninety-one,

D Decade ending the last century,

Includes our granddaughter, Heidi              


E Everywhere she brought the broad smiles,

L Little lady with blond hair styles. 

In the eyes of her parents, she

Z Zoomed past every other baby.

A And in Gram, Gramp’s prejudice sight,

B Baby Heidi was a delight.

E Easily first granddaughter won,

T The special place she still does hold.

H Heidi is now eighteen years old.


A Alaska claimed her while still three.

S She’s seen low cold beyond degree.

H Her life has variety’s role,

L Living as she does near North Pole.

E Education been “mainist” [1] thing;

Y Year the twelfth, Heidi, ends next spring. 


B Bryan’s a name you hope to leave.

R Reason things out – God’s will believe.

Y Yearn to know God and His blest Son;

A Assured that He loves and does see

N Nothing’s too good for you, Heidi.

[1] “Mainist” is a word her Dad, EAB II used to use.

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