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There was a rich man who ate well,

All his purple garments were swell,

Then came his death day,

Plush things all passed away,

Poor man, he made his bed in hell. Luk 16.22

– eab,   3/3/05

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Hell will be the largest assembly of w-a-s-t-e-d talents imaginable.

– eab, 8/12/13


Heaven appears to be a place of clothing (2Co 5.2-4).

Hell may be a place they will want to be clothed but will not be.

– eab, 8/21/14

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The devil and his cohorts want you to get excited about the next hollywood movie, anticipating the next ball game, driven about some fake politician etc., until you run through an existence without having a real life, die a sinner, and drop into hell.

– eab, 7/27/15

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Be aware –

Men who once preached in pulpits, women who once sang in church, missionaries who once ministered, “christian” educators who once taught are, as you read this, burning in hell. Their position was just that, a position – they lacked (or lost) their Relationship with Christ and, unspeakably sad, died in that condition.

– eab, 9/25/14

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Neither heaven nor hell is concerned about who “won” last night. 

Why are you? 

– eab, 12/9/14

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Think,  think,  think.

Today could be gone in a blink.

The soul then will rise

Beyond azure skies – – –

Or fall into a hellish stink.

– eab, 11/3/09

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Can you be “cool” & be a Christian? 


Christians may (or may not) be


considered “cool” now. 


They’ll be the only ones Cool in eternity –


going to hell is NOT cool.


– eab, 1/25/13

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Head adultery




Heart adultery) spares from syphilis –



It does not spare from hell. 

– eab, 5/14/10

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To go to hell


is to miss,


Heaven’s great,


eternal BLISS ! ! !

– eab, 5/17/09

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Hell appears to be satan’s Domain


– “lake of fire” will be his Dungeon.                    

– eab, 7/12/10

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