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Help that son

Are you seeing what I’m seeing: the lessening of maleness in boys? Pictures of “one” supposed to be a young man standing like a young woman? What should be a “guy” wearing what could be female patterns/designs? Do you believe the “de-maling” of western males is accidental? FAR-too-often boys have a rock-music “it” or a non-working-always-playing sports guy, or a hollywood actor as the person to look-like, talk-like, walk-like. Parents, please awaken. Parents, try to remember what normal was before society became inundated with movies. Parents, take that son camping, teach him how to work: more importantly how to like to work. And grandparents, if you can’t help “Johnny” be a man, please do not hinder his dad from helping him Man-up.

– eab, 5/23/17

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