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Him – – – Not Some Date                        * 2017 “Bryan Card” *

Why did no ancient with quill record?

Why did no “church father” remember?

Why does no antique scroll once afford

The date a Baby came down as Lord – – –

It’s not that hard to write “September.”

– eab, 12/14/17 >> Stanza #1 of 5. #2 coming 12/21/17, Lord willing <<


Christ offers freedom for the body: You can be free from the foreign substances you’re putting into your body AND free from the illicit sexual sins which have violated your body. Christ offers freedom for the mind: You can break loose from mental bondages: past & present. And your soul (the real you) can have complete freedom in Christ Jesus. He is the Great Liberator! Be free, oh, be free!

– eab, 12/13/17


fullness of the time  

In “fullness of the time,” Paul’s pen

(Whither bird quill, or “whittled” reed)

Accurately scratched on the sheepskin;

God sent His Son for mankind’s need.

Sent Him, Who had agreed to come,

Arriving without trump or drum.


His timing was right, have no doubt,

Though four millennia had fled,

Since Adam and wife were cast out,

(To provide coats, animals bled.)

God made time, so knows its order;

(Though owns time, He is no hoarder.)


The Greeks had spread their language ‘round

The Mediterranean “lake.”

The Romans had made roads abound;

These provisions were no mistake.

His Son’s coming, and His Good News

Could be spread to Gentiles and Jews.


This same Jesus is coming back.

That is truth, the true church has known.

(The world knows “something” big’s on track.)

“Harvest” is coming for sin sown.

Cheating, inflation, wrongs, and war:

For all these, judgment is in store.


A false Christ will also appear.

“He’ll not say, ‘I’m the antichrist.’” [1]

Deception – Christ warned us to fear.

The devil will many souls heist.

False “christians,” he’ll fool by the ton.

(They had rejected the true Son.)


Christ’s coming’s as sure as the first.

He’s coming as King of the world.

Does this truth make you hunger/thirst?

His Victor Flag will be unfurled.

His birth, death, rising, coming reign,

Are welcome in a world – insane.


“Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” [2]

This time also, exactly right.

(Let “prophecy charts” burn, be diced)

Read the Book. See the warning light.

Christ, antichrist, both come apace.

Make sure you KNOW Christ’s Voice and Face. – eab, 12/12/12



Most men who are not married, are single by choice. They are scared of the responsibility, or scared of losing the “freedom” to do as they please, or they’re enjoying getting the attention of all the “eligible women.” Or, the last I’ll mention now, is they’re “picky.” They’re probably more picking than they were a while back – AND this will get worse. 12/13/17


“We never give to God, we invest.”

– H Robb French – the greatest man eab ever knew.


Christ said, “…I will build my church…” (Mat 16.18). He’s looking for laborers. “But I want to be a Foreman, a Supervisor!” If you’re willing to be a laborer, to love laboring for Him, to not care who “gets the credit,” you may someday be promoted by the G. C. (General Contractor, said with utmost respect, in this context) to a position of leadership. If you want to jump in at the top, be very leery, satan may offer you a position in his false church.

– eab, 12/20/17


Luk 13.34

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!”


“Enter Here” was seen today at a store. If you’re hungry enough for God, thirsty enough for His righteousness you MAY find His sign “Enter Here” showing the start toward heaven. May? Yes. “Many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able” are the words of Christ (Luk 13.24). Those, Friend, are serious words. God help us all to Strive to “Enter” in.

– eab, 12/20/17

[1] Words (or nearly so) of Steve D Herron from the late 60’s.

[2] Best NT expression about His coming – found four times in Paul and once in Peter.

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